Mando Chest Display

Frequent Asked Questions

Why this app is not available for iPhone?

I programmed the app using React Native, a framework for building apps. This framework allows you to export the application to different platforms, including iOS.

Export to iOS requires to be done on an Apple device (due to some required libraries), and sadly, I have not access to an Apple device to do it.

If you have an apple device, knowledge about exporting React Native applications and want to give me a hand with this topic, do not hesitate to contact me!

Why is not available in the Play Store / Apple Store

In order to publish an app in the Play Store / Apple Store you need a Developer Account. In case of Android, Google charges a one time fee of 25€. Apple charges 99€/year for its develop account.

As I will share this app for free, paying for a developer account doesn't make sense to me right now. Maybe in the future, if I keep developing apps, I will pay for the android one as it is more affordable, but not for now.

Why are you sharing it for free? Do you make money with it in any way?

I created this app just after finishing a React Native course, as a way to put into practice the knowledge I had acquired. I did it in my free time and with no other objective but to learn.

The app is not monetized in any way: it has no ads, no premium features, no in-app payments. And, something that is not common in today's apps, it does not collect any data from your phone.

This app has been licensed under a GPLv3 license, and its sources are published in this Github Repository

I like it! Can I collaborate in any way?

Of course you can! You can give me some feedback of the app, share it with people who might be interested and follow me in my social networks!

And, if you want to, you can buy me a coffee, which will help to keep me awake to continue developing projects like this and to keep sharing them for free.

Thank you very much! ( ^‿^)c[_]